How Developers Build Audio

Take simple APIs using generative AI and make it sound beautiful - at scale.
1. Create script
Write it yourself or make it scalable by adding parameters
2. Turn text into speech
Choose from 600+ voices. Use multiple voices in one project
3. Enhance your audio
Add sound effects and let our AI engine make your audio sound great
4. Share it anywhere
Easily integrate into your application or website

Try Creating Text-to-Audio

Easy - Simple Integration In A Few Lines Of Code

Transform text into beautiful audio experiences using generative AI. Write yourself or import content from any channel and integrate it to any applications or website programmatically. Python & NodeJS SDKs are available.

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What You Can Do With AudioStack:
Synthetic Ads
Build awesome sounding audio ads, starting from simple text
Dynamic Advertising
Create thousands of ad versions for unlimited Dynamic Creative Optimisation
Conversational AI
Give a highly realistic synthetic voice to your avatars or digital humans
Video Voice Over
Integrate synthetic voice over to your video production process
Branded Voices
Create hyper-expressive cloned voices that fit your brand perfectly
Synthetic Newscasts
Repurpose existing text-based news items into monetizable newscasts
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Thanks to AudioStack we are able to integrate complex audio features into our system such as audio for our avatars and voice cloning."
AudioStack technology opens up a totally new way to approach audio content creation and scalability in the advertising sector."

Step-by-Step Audio Production For Developers

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